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Ever wonder how the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Rock-Trac 4WD system works? Check out this video!

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Rock-Trac 4WD system is explained in this animation. This video demonstrates how, the Rock-Trac 4WD system delivers more control, more torque at the wheels; how to shift on the fly, how the sway bar disconnect works and other features of the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4×4 Rock-Trac 4WD system.


Discount Tickets to See Donald Trump, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki LIVE in San Jose for 3 Days!

The World’s highest profile, heaviest hitters on the global stage today are appearing in San Jose, April 10-12, 2012 including:

Donald Trump – The Multi-Billionaire, One-Man Brand & Mega-successful entrepreneur

Anthony Robbins – The World’s Undisputed #1 Peak Performance Coach

Robert Kiyosaki – The wealth powerhouse behind the ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ phenomenon


To all those parents out there! Important Changes to Child Safety Seat Law Effective January 2012.

The California Office of Traffic Safety is reminding parents, caregivers, and drivers to take note of a new law aimed at saving more lives and preventing more injuries of children across the state. Beginning January 1, children under age 8 must be properly buckled into a car seat or booster seat, and in the back seat. In addition, children age 8 or older who are not tall enough for the seat belt to fit properly must ride in a booster or car seat. Previously, the law required that children remain in a booster seat until the age of six or they weighed sixty pounds.


Ford Unveils List of 20 Coolest EV-Charging Sites. Plug em in if you have them!

Ford is charging ahead with aggressive plans to help the country get ready for the new future of electric driving, but the automaker isn’t alone. While the Blue Oval is showing its green cred by introducing five new electric vehicles in the U.S. by 2012 including game-changers like the Ford Focus Electric and Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid some of the top destinations in the country are doing their share by introducing on-site EV-charging solutions.


Auto Dealers do not have the same sales tax issues as Amazon.com which is starving Sates of badly needed revenue.

An issue that is puzzling Congress and most of the States today is the way eCommerce sites like Amazon.com avoid collecting sales tax to give to States that are in need of that revenue. While I enjoy not paying taxes whenever possible, I also have a son who is working towards becoming a Firefighter. I am a huge advocate for digital marketing especially for auto dealers, but I am also a big fan of my son and his dream.

My enjoyment in saving that money is also costing my son the opportunity to live out his dream. It is enough to make a parent’s brain boil.

Just a week or so ago in Alameda, CA a man was allowed to intentionally drown in the San Francisco Bay because the water rescue project in the fire department cut the funds a couple of years ago. They re-funded the project after that, but it was only after a man died.

When someone purchases a new or used car, truck or SUV across state lines the DMV is usually able to close the loophole and collect the sales tax for the State. This evens out the playing field for most auto dealers AND gets the taxes to the right State.

Since we cannot count on the government to fix this, maybe we should go back to buying locally and paying sales tax so our local governments can survive (and my son can put out our fires).

Car Dealerships: Organic Automotive Leads or Paid Third Party Leads?

Car Dealerships: Organic Automotive Leads or Paid Third Party Leads? Write an answer on Quora

Organic Automotive Leads or Paid Third Party Leads?


I updated my website on Digital Marketing for Car Dealers at BradRozner.com. I even put in a shark video.

The shark video was fun to make and even more fun to mix in some music that made it more entertaining. The videos we put out should always have some entertainment value or good information, right?

See it here:

Digital Marketing for Car Dealers at http://bradrozner.com/about_digital_marketing.htm

How can Car Dealers generate more organic automotive leads?

How can Car Dealers generate more organic automotive leads? 1 answer on Quora

How can Car Dealers generate more organic automotive leads?