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PHP studying is going well. Almost done. http://bit.ly/bpMtaI


Studying a little PHP today. Wish me luck. http://bit.ly/bqj6A5

Detects graffiti and pages the Police! What a cool gizmo. http://bit.ly/cxwGrL

The “iPhone Death Grip”??? Steve Jobs says not to hold it that way!! http://bit.ly/bDGCGI

We all need to laugh once in a while. Watch this video and laugh! http://bit.ly/dlSOJo

Happy National Chocolate Pudding Day. http://bit.ly/ckudKU

Happy Birthday Drew!!

Yes, it is my B-day today. Thanks for the well wishes. http://bit.ly/c3Muiw

Testing out the search engines again with 4B3r2a1d http://bit.ly/aKyN85

Happy Tuesday!! http://ping.fm/DZ7HF